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What we do:

We are a team that focuses on finding great investment opportunities in the capital markets. We do this by researching companies from a fundamental and technical perspective to assess whether an investment is worth it or not. While we research stocks that we might find valuable, we share our research in the form of a newsletter with our audience. We will update our audience on the changes we have made in our portfolio with the reason why we either bought or sold a position. Additionally, we discuss the general markets in an opinion-based format to add to our financial journalism.  

Our Goal and Strategy:

The philosophy of the business is to drive growth in our capital by examining market research and taking beneficial risk-reward decisions. Our business profits from keeping a leveled sentiment on the market. Investments are selected based on the simple question: Will the company benefit from holding the asset in its portfolio?

Our strategy is not complicated. Our portfolio mainly has two components; to acquire short-term holdings and long-term holdings. With these two components, we try to achieve a long-term yielding portfolio. Therefore, we accomplish that we turn short-term gains into long-term assets. We determine our short-term investments based on market research, where we try to forecast possible events or be better informed about the upcoming quarterly earnings to access the direction that would benefit our position. For our long-term investments, we copy Warren Buffett, where we choose proven companies that have represented themselves as staples in the current market. They need to show a strong competitive advantage and have stable returns on invested capital. Portfolio management is crucial to retain a leveled sentiment on the markets and because we consider being great at both, we feel certain our strategy will be successful.

Our performance:


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